Workers’ Girder (Our Paper)

Download PDF –>  Workers’ Girder Issue 1 – Summer 2012

Previews below.


4 Responses to Workers’ Girder (Our Paper)

  1. colin corbari says:

    No revolutionary horoscopes?

  2. hilarious!! can’t wait to see another issue

  3. Ta, more issues ARE on the way!

  4. Dear Workers Girder

    I wonder if you can help me? I am a vulnerable individual who is currently looking for a cause to latch on to. I realise that this will be a serious undertaking and I am prepared, at 49 (single), to take it on with gusto. I have studied the requirements and know I will have to:-

    1 Be far more extreme than those who have been doing it for the last 25 years or more

    2 Bore every living soul I come into contact with about it until I am a social pariah

    3 Tinge ever aspect of my, admittedly sad, life with it and finally

    4 Become disillusioned with it and join an even more extreme faction after a year or so
    My problem is this – Should I become a ‘Committed Marxist’ or a ‘Devout Christian’? So far I have identified that there are many attractions to both including:-

    A big thick incomprehensible book that can mean anything to anybody.

    Acolytes that always know more than I can ever hope to.

    A hierarchy that means that I am always just below the person I am talking to in terms of knowledge, understanding and devotion.

    A constantly changing position on every thing whilst being adamant that the faith is being kept.

    An overly developed persecution complex whilst displaying total intolerance of all other beliefs and ideas.

    Constant division in to ever smaller sects with even longer names that are really descriptions.

    Waiting for some ridiculous event that is not going to happen.

    A bloke with a big white beard.

    I can’t decide if is a difference that one supported the Nazis before WW11 and the other after……Anyway at the moment I am persuaded towards Marxism mainly because I prefer the iconography and the logo is better.

    I find your idea of holding all positions simultaneously curiously attractive and wonder if you would consider encompassing all world religion into this as well? Your ‘Workers Bomb’ would make a very dramatic ‘End of Days’ and just like the state of Israel would have the added attraction of being the outcome of a prophecy with non of the inconvenience of waiting for the prophecy to happen….

    Could I visit your Cheadlehighstreet branch and discuss matter further?

    Yours in faiths

    Comrade /Brother X
    (name not big soppy kiss)

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