All of our policies stem from our tried and tested theory of Multitudinous Positionism – a fairly straightforward extrapolation of orthodox Posadist thought which has unified the concepts of time and space in a fusion of Einstein and Marx; whereas conventional Trotskyist parties occupy every single policy position but spread out over time, holding each belief one after the other (reflecting their outmoded Newtonian linear conception of Time) Proletarian Democracy occupies every single policy position simultaneously.

Forwards (and backwards, sideways, up, down and maybe even some inter-dimensional bimbling) to the Permanent Multiple Policy!

We are indebted to Cde Schrodinger and his cat for this insight.

As Cde Shakespeare said so eloquently in his plea to “redden” the greens

No; this my hand will rather
The multitudinous-positionism* incarnadine,
Making the green ones red

*occasionally misrendered by bourgeois publishers as “multitudinous seas”


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