Due to an unwavering commitment to the principles of no nonsense heads up proper socialism as outlined by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Posadas and Sankara, Proletarian Democracy has succeeded in withstanding the cannibalistic sectarianism, comprador opportunism and crazed dogmatism which habitually consume the international revolutionary left.


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6 Responses to About

  1. G.W.Stanley says:

    We can only guess at the opportunism that courses through the veins of the ‘comrades’ who authored the above statement.

    What is clear is that the clichéd confusion it displays cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged. It is this task and this task alone that has brought together true comrades for Proletarian Democracy into the Ad -Hoc Committee for Revolutionary Unity (PD-AHCRU).

    Our task, from which we will not flinch, is to produce a statement which genuinely speaks to the international working class, explaining the origins and aims of PD.

    The refusal of the People’s Commission for the Bright Dawn of Proletarian Democracy (PCBDPD), the Exchange Group (EG) and the Marx Mao Mishima Kojima Path (MMMK), simply provides further objective evidence of their self imposed absence from the movement for human emancipation.

    Proletarian Democracy – Ad-Hoc Committee for Revolutionary Unity.
    (OPD:CPT), (APD – WB), (PD(P)), (PDPFF)

  2. Jerry Spring says:

    As the Exchange Group does not exist as a faction of PD, it is not possible for us to join a committee of factions.

    We will of course folow with great interest (if little hope of success) the activities of the PD-AHCRU, as it works to unite at least some of the factions currently extant withi PD.

    More importantly we will carry on with the objectively more pressing task, which has fallen to us as the leading edge of the most advanced section of workers in PD vanguard, of helping to move PD beyond its current factional impasse.

    Exchange Group
    (72/01/51 AC)

  3. Why is Mao missing from this list? Outrage. An insult to true Maoist-Posadist Thought.

    • This is a good question. Nonetheless, we have no option to wave it away limply since we would probably not get away with claiming that Mao isn’t communist premier league material, more like a championship level perennial relegation battler, like Barnsley.

  4. Away with margarine communists! For full communism through the Chuckle Path!

  5. joe says:

    How come join the form is just a jpeg or something?

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