PD’s Privilege Quotient Hotline Launched

The intersectional working committees of Proletarian Democracy are constantly striving to identify new and exciting forms of oppression which can be applied to a proletarian milieu hungry to assault new privilege.

Sometimes candidate comrades are too imbued with residual privilege to recognise the depth of oppressions afflicting them; so this is where the highly trained councillors of our brand new Privilege Quotient hotline are essential!

Marxplaining:- the ability to explain any and all issues through the random application of unconnected quotes from the works of Marx and Engels, has been crudely applied by soi disant anti-party elements for decades, but now under the guidance of our Eternal Dear Leader Barry Mainwaring, the development of the ‘Double Diamond’ of Marxism-Posadism: Dialectical Dianetics has opened up an new world of oppression and new vistas for liberation!

Under the close supervision of their designated councillor, each candidate completes our detailed questionnaire. Then through a bafflingly advanced mathematical process, a Privilege Quotient fraction is derived, uniquely tailored to the comrade.

PD highly trained councillor of the Privilege Quotient hotline

A highly trained Privilege Quotient hotline councillor – first day on the job

Privilege over oppression is then converted through the application of DD into oppression over privilege reversing the equation in a mirror of the liberation of the oppressed masses through thermonuclear conflagration.

Of course as any true follower of the narrow path to proletarian liberation will recognise, there can be no true liberation without a smidgen of mass extermination.

What is gained for the potential recruit is a greater understanding of their oppression, and the opportunity to progress further up the ladders and through the mazes of Multitudinous Positionism.

Prospective comrades are asked to make a modest financial contribution toward this valuable liberationary work. But we ask you, is not the path to intersectional self-awareness beyond mere trifles such as monetary value?


PD and AntiPacifist Action joint statement on Usama Hasan and the SWP


We (Proletarian Democracy) applaud the SWP’s stance of solidarity against the pacifist anti-worker running dog Usama Husan and his lack of condemnation for that Jesus and Mo cartoon. Such a shameful display of non-confrontational sentiment can only delay the inevitable countdown towards the deployment of the Worker’s Bomb.

Despite their Cliffite deviations, the SWP have proved themselves more genuine Marxists than many on the so-called ‘left’ such as the Provisional Committee for the Bright Dawn of Proletarian Democracy, the IWBA, and many former comrades who through backwardness and the failure to never really fully understand our Marxist programme, departed from our ranks and found themselves becoming sects on the fringes of the labour movement’s darker corners.

We applaud the SWP’s stance! We do! However, we as Posadists committed to the cobbling together of our bomb must go further. We take this opportunity now to announce a solidarity demo with the Christian Union at Bristol Union against the Archbishop of Canterbury after he said that maybe it might not be such a bad idea for women to be bishops. And we are corresponding with the Israel Society at Doncaster University who have asked us to stand with us in solidarity with them against Rabbi Sternberg and his failure to condemn another rabbi and his pacifist message that sometimes the Palestinians may not be so bad after all. The Burmese branch of Proletarian Democracy is organizing a solidarity demonstration with oppressed workers furious at their local monks not being sufficiently enraged about jokes about the Buddha.

Such actions prove that we, Proletarian Democracy, go further than the SWP. Through our support of militant religious activists we are building a true bottom up network against pacifism which will put our party in the forefront of the struggle for more or less total nuclear annihilation and the rebuilding of a new and proper communist world!

It is notable that amongst Chucklism there has been insufficient room for the laughing buddha. Once again we distance ourselves from the foolishness of ‘face’ book, a petit bourgeoisie time-wasting organ that attributes quotes almost at random – but it should be accepted that a certain level of facebook entryism is acceptable so long as comrades do not discuss where the tea money for last weeks meeting went. Clear cold tap water is enough for the proleteriat and is enough for the voice thereof. Soon this water will be heavy. We fist bump with our persian bredrins here.

Some amongst us may wonder at this support, but are we not united in condemnation of the failed Maoists and that Tibetan ruffstuff?

To Me. To You. Is this Girder real or just a game?

Comrades from the Veg Wedge have seen fit to produce a pamphlet ‘Barry and the Buddha’ extolling once more the virtues of self denial through ‘lols’ and no meat. Despite strident calls for a purge I (err, I mean we) must urge calm. There is room on this starcraft earth for all.

Consider: nitroglycerine requires a smart tap to ignite – the agitation of the molecules is an expanding pressure wave that consumes all material. Thus high explosive. How much higher then our purpose! In the irradiated desert to come there will be many wild eyed prophets and tollers of bells.

The betrayers of the fourth international known as ‘Firebox’ collapsed in ignominy and shame. Our fire box is as Pandora’s.

“Take the flame inside you, burn and burn below” – Dracula in The Wicker Man


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