Marion Bartoli – A critique of her painting from a proper communism perspective

PD marion bartoli twitter

bartoli painting

It is obvious from the suspiciously-erect stem of the rose, that this painting signifies both the quotidian nature of hetero-normativity, with the thrusting rampancy of the male genitals making incursions whether welcome or not, and the essential artificiality of heterosexual relations in general, shrouded as they are with ritualistic behaviour such as flower-giving in the (usually forlorn, at least in our circles) hope of sexual contact. That the painting, which echoes the consumerist greeting card style, also signifies the indoctrination of the young into this bourgeois perversion of natural sexuality, reveals the artist’s true understanding of the mockery that is hetero-normative sexuality.

All well and good.

However, the prominent delineation of the rose, an emblem of so-called ‘socialism’, the jezebelesque hand maiden of class collaborationist liberalism, is clearly intended to ‘cock a snook’ at communism, particularly proper communism (Proletarian Democracy) and by extension, the intergalactic working class.

Although we congratulate comrade Bartoli on her Wimbledon victory and offer our unconditional support against the feeble attacks by the common enemy, the male chauvinist posh private school sham BBC bell-end du jour Inverdale, we feel compelled to provide an urgent but gentle reminder that tennis, like all sports, is an extreme form of Martovism and that by continuing to commit herself to her career while neglecting the current all-out no-nonsense class struggle, she is, in a manner of speaking, playing with fire.

A finger hovers over the twitter machine unfollow button.

The twirly green snake of eco-fascism in there as well. Crikey.

PD bartoli dad cat

Cat, Dr.Bartoli, and Marion Bartoli in approved proper communism attire.

As for the palaver about athletes, appearances and so on, our position is well-known and fairly implacable. We call once again on workers’ militias to redouble their efforts and suppress:

  • All cosmetic surgery (including so-called reconstructive surgery which simply reproduces bourgeois concepts of individualised beauty).
  • All psychotherapy (unless carried out in groups of at least 100 and in full view of the class).
  • All ‘fashion’ retailers; Dickies work wear to be made available through all large Co-op stores as a move towards expunging the desire for ‘fashion’ from the class.
  • All mirrors; this includes any reflective surface. Yes, even spoons.

Remember comrades, the only mirror the intergalactic working class needs is that of class conscious reflection.

Edited to add: Marion Bartoli heeded our warning and retired a few weeks after this post.

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4 Responses to Marion Bartoli – A critique of her painting from a proper communism perspective

  1. Babs says:

    Distinct demarcation issues here. Distinct..

  2. sartesian says:

    I didn’t know Marion Bartoli painted. How quaint.

  3. Babs says:

    With communism we will all be painters in the morning and workers in the afternoon or something

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a load of twaddle!

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