The Summer of Speaking (About Events Hundreds of Miles Away For No Reason But To Have The Right Line) Continues

Pro(or Anti)-Imperialist Egypt – Fighting the Kyriarchy – Embracing the Callout  – August 2013.

Events are moving fast in Egypt, often referred to as The Mother Of The World – should this have been Morsi’s first move?

Sexism in meme imagery is unacceptable, so shouldn’t the Eurocentric decoloniser left understand that this applies everywhere on earth? Was Morsi’s failure to address it his original sin? Is using religious imagery against Egypt’s first bearded President the sign of religious intolerance?

The Near East – should it return to the Ottoman Empire smashed apart by a worldwide British Commonwealth imperialist assault?

Is it racist for mixed heritage university students from Birmingham to show a picture of Hamdeen Sabahi to white bus drivers in London and ask them where they think he’s from? Is it racist if they answer “Europe”?

Are non-white members of Hamdeen Sabahi’s party part of the white left?

How anti-intersectional is calling the Turkish government’s support for Morsi a predictable-typical Islamist move? Does it need public or private calling out? Should the calling out be done in English in public or should it take place in the form of a visit to a mosque to find out about “the Muslim way of life”?

How can the British female working-class defend itself from the Sissi coup? Should workers’ defence squads appear in Dover on the look out for pro-UKIP hovercraft from Alexandria ?

Should a workers’ single-boat flotilla of socialist intelligentsia (including – at a minimum – George Galloway, Owen Jones, Nick Cohen, Tom Watson, Salma Yaqoob, Mehdi Hasan, Anas Altikriti and last but not least, People’s Assembly general and café kingpin John Rees) be sent to Luxor to assist the Egyptian masses with finding the right line?

Can age-privileged non-fasting Shiite women legitimately protest Al Hafez TV’s Ramadan men-only soaps featuring age-oppressed fasting Sunni males? Should Shiite lesbian women be allowed to bemoan this without a twitter callout? In the framing of these callouts, is ‘stick to your sect’s failings’ an acceptable intersectional retort or is it itself sectarian? Who should arbitrate? A traditional Muslim kadi, a pro-rape fantasy intersectional feminist or a researcher in Pornography Studies?

Working-class Sunni Muslim soldiers with Islamist grandmothers who nonetheless supported the corrective coup – are these the token ‘Muslims in name only’ Muslims who are wheeled out to mask the army’s palpable Islamophobia?

Muslim Brotherhood posters on May Day 2013 calling ‘the sweat of the brow of the worker (male gendered in Arabic) as holy as the blood of the martyr’ – a sexist insult or an acceptable mark of #solidarity with the world working-class?

PD Egypt Intersectionality

WHY were no clauses on pronoun reform for transgendered and queer questioning peoples included in Morsi’s December constitution?

Is failing to raise these issues a form of rampant transphobia amongst the Egyptian non-heterosexual community?

A (not religious) working-class Sunni Muslim conscript keeping silent in the face of a five-day-prayer Muslim officer’s reassurances of depoliticised roles, consensus constitutions and the like? How should the white left act when it wants to ally with no one? Does the white left include the white leftists from Sinai?

Part-time translator shopworkers in Cairo who call Rashid ‘Rosetta’ when speaking to their foreign friends? How can we overcome the privilege of the qualified Egyptian linguist class without asserting our nuclear-state-citizenship privilege?

Should Morsi have demanded that all nuclear nations give up their nuclear weapons, or only Israel? Should Morsi have instructed Sissi to begin nuclearising Egypt’s military to confront Israel?

When are soldiers who express political ideas coup-plotting? Should different standards apply in the proletarian world? An officer bemoaning lack of leave for soldiers in Denmark is not seen as a stab at democracy, so should this become the norm in Libya-Egypt? Had it been so, would the Brotherhood have rescinded its secrecy for the military budget?

Although the black intersectional feminists told male Egyptian Islamists their opinions didn’t matter to women, a large number of women still allied with them to the bitter end.

What now?

Once the privilege to legislate about women is accepted for Egyptian men, should it be applied to French men?

A Muslim Brotherhood shopkeeper offering price reductions to families with children (the women married hence more likely to be veiled) but not to single people (the women not veiled pre-marriage) – is this a case of de facto Veil Privilege? Are women who veil for political or privilege access reasons to be praised or questioned?

Working-class non-out gay Coptic protestors with signs calling Mohammed Morsi a firavun (pharaoh) – a sign of Islamophobia?

Male Shiites urging an end to governors’ sex-segregating secondary schools – denying Islamist women the right to the protection of their own way of education for their daughters?

Middle-class wine-consumptive Alexandria women, who declare that southern rural small farmsteaders with ‘No one to deny the right of my children to veil’ protest banners are “stupid” – Are they guilty of tone policing?

Who will write the new intersection tables?


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4 Responses to The Summer of Speaking (About Events Hundreds of Miles Away For No Reason But To Have The Right Line) Continues

  1. Thank you comrade! Glad you found it useful and thought provoking.

  2. Bonny says:

    “The Summer of Speaking (About Events Hundreds of Miles Away For No Reason
    But To Have The Right Line) Continues | Proletarian Democracy” actually got me
    simply addicted with ur web site! I actuallywill probably be returning way
    more regularly. Thank you ,Bridgett

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