Trigger Warning – (confusion, intersectionality, possible anti-Irish racism, Father Ted and that)

Our mailbags and inboxes are full of this kind of thing.


Allies-Of-Minorities Cheadle High Street: An Open Letter to the Wider Movement and Proletarian Democracy.

We are exceedingly confused. An Irish man (resident in Ireland) is backing up a non-Irish woman (resident in Britain) who has entered a privilege challenge against a mixed heritage Irish woman (resident in Britain) making a joke involving and/or invoking something sort of Irish but made with significant assistance from imperialist Channel 4, but exported to essentially non-imperialist RTE2. Urgent help is requested.

Please advise.


PD paddy

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One Response to Trigger Warning – (confusion, intersectionality, possible anti-Irish racism, Father Ted and that)

  1. Communist Manifesto
    The Manifesto is completely scathing about some of the bourgeois horror stories of communism which arise from attitudes. To accusations that they are out to abolish the family reply that the capitalist system has already destroyed communities working class families apart, enforced every member of the family, including small children, onto the labour market. This explains ‘the practical absence of the family among the proletarians.
    The attitude of the bourgeoisie towards its own family and the sanctity of family life are hypocritical in the extreme. It bases its family on property, and its views are based on inheritance and the idea of women as the property of men. Instead communism would free women from loveless and enforced relations by taking away the economic constraints which dominated love and marriage under capitalism.
    ‘‘Because of the utter irrationality of race as a reason for social partition, segregation is absolutely required for the perpetuation of racial exploitation and because of this interdependence of segregation and discrimination, the movement for centuries has directed its main line of struggle against segregation, against that barrier which prevents from becoming a whole people, from becoming themselves.’’ – Revolutionary Integration
    The civil rights struggles which were, in part, the legacy of the industrial that created It also resulted from the unwillingness to fight for ‘‘freedom’’ during World War II, when they returned. The original goal of the civil rights movement was the full integration of society. The leadership of the movement thought that emancipation could be won by removing the legal barriers to equality.
    A socialist revolution of course is more than a matter of ideas. It ultimately the question of state power—of defeating who serve and protect the system of forced segregation and racist terror. All the same, the ideas—the struggle to change people’s consciousness about their lives and the world they live in—is an important part of preparing the ground for revolutionary change.
    The capitalists do not rule by force of alone. They also rely on the dominance of cultural and political values. The communications corporations—television, radio and newspapers—are all in the business of making money. However, at the same time, they are more than business enterprises, they are the ideology. Only the organized labour movement has both the objective interest and the social power to lead a struggle against oppression, because only the proletariat has the capacity to overthrow capitalism.
    In itself, the class is simply raw material. For the labour movement to take up the struggle for socialism, it is necessary to organize a political struggle within the unions by organized formations of individual militants committed to a program of consistent class struggle. They must be constructed on the basis of a program which connects the immediate issues with the historical proletariat to expropriate the capitalists and establish its own government.
    The struggle therefore was not to overthrow capitalism but to manage it and prepare the way for socialism through reforms. Alongside this he criticised for apparently arguing that there was a law of impoverishment of the working class under capitalism, but in fact in countries working class was living in better conditions than it had done in time. Since capitalism was not impoverishing but the proletariat the socialists was to encourage this process, not try and ignore it and overthrow the system because of dogmatic assertions about the nature of capitalism. Argues that the notion that capitalism was a superior mode of production to capitalism and that productive mode will follow beyond that in a unilinear and non-revolutionary way was simply a return to the classical political economist concept of modes of subsistence which outlined.
    These leaders basically indicated they are primarily concerned with actions as voting and supporting liberal politicians. This is very hypocritical, since they always claim they are not a political organization. But we know all too well that it is led by the Democratic Party so they are always pushing members of the organization to vote for their candidates.
    We followed up the workshop with study group with some of our friends who are interested in learning more of the Party’s communist analysis. They said they wish we could have more workshops as the one on the crisis. One of the women at the study group believes that is an evil man, because he murders his own people. We then questioned how is any different than who is closing down hospitals and also killing his own people.
    The study group helped sharpened our communist analysis with our friends, bringing home the idea that capitalism will always bring war and suffering to the working class so the ruling class can profit, and that the only solution is a communist revolution.
    The struggle of people—as a colony—is for self-determination, freedom, and liberation from imperialism. Because have been oppressed and held in an inferior social position as a people, they have a right to decide, organize and act on people apart from white interference. Self-determination does not simply apply to determination of their collective political at some future time. It is directly tied to the fact that because all experience oppression in a form that no whites do, no position to fully understand and test from their own practice the real situation people face and the necessary response to it. This is why it is necessary for people to organize separately and determine their actions separately at each stage of the struggle.
    It is important to understand the implications of this. It is not legitimate for whites to organizationally in differences among revolutionary nationalists. It would be arrogant for us to attack any organization that defends people and opposes imperialism in practice. But it is necessary to develop a correct understanding of the liberation struggle within our own organization, where an incorrect one will racist practice in our relations with the movement.
    In the history of some colonies, the struggle for self-determination has had two stages: (1) a united front against imperialism and for New Democracy which is a joint dictatorship of colonial classes led by the proletariat, the content of which is a compromise between the interests of the proletariat and nationalist peasants bourgeoisie and national bourgeoisie; and (2) developing out of the new democratic stage, socialism.

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