Syria and Lebanon – An Intersectionality Analysis

A Proletarian Democracy Conference Special Afternoon (and Evening and Through the Night) Session.


One country or two? Or is it seven separate states rolled into a single “Eurocentric left” conspiracy? Are Fuad Siniora and Bashar Al-Assad people of colour? Should the global black solidarity movement be stronger? Is Nasrallah part of it? Is Tammam Salam? Was Colonel Gaddafi’s support for Assad correct? Are two separate Syrias better for the black solidarity movement? Should the Druze people have their own section within our Middle East people of colour section?

Why is it that when Beyonce gets praised in celebrity magazines, that’s a step forward – a worthy figure of black feminism; but when Asma Assad is praised the same old white knives come out?

Find out which working-class really won the Lebanese civil war. Are Edgeware Road’s Lebanese really supporting other people of colour if they don’t give two hoots about all that?

First World Privilege Matters.

Hear both sides on how or whether white people should be allowed in NUS Liberation Conferences.

Which oppressions intersect when a male war pension-drawing partially disabled working-class peasant origin Druze gives a lift to a female Christian non-Catholic lower-middle-class origin housewife (but married to an upper-middle-class not-religious Sunni shop owner) and he calls her clothes (not her) beautiful?

Hezbollah don’t do strikebreaking, they do intersectional support for oppressed Shia transport workers when given the chance – find out how.

Kurds in Syria: vectors of imperialism or anti-imperialist tinderboxes?

Why will the ISM organise groups to defend the Palestinians under attack from the IDF but not the Syrians under attack from Assad? Are Palestinians privileged when compared with Sunni Syrians. Should ‘Victim Of Israeli Oppression’ privilege be a registered axis of oppression?

Should Tripoli in Lebanon be an intersectionalised zone monitored by the UN? Everyone calls for occupied Haifa to be returned. Great! But when oh when will the racist left learn that occupied Iskandarun needs to be to be returned to Syria?

Alawites? When they call themselves Muslims, why does it upset other Muslims – who is really right? Are Britain’s census Jedis like Alawites but suffering from a crisis of masculinity which only the black Labour left wants to solve? Would Hafez, Zein and Karim Bashar Al-Assad be people of colour if they had been successful in leaving Syria for the west? Who first started using this people of colour thing outside the USA – was it the Lebanese Christians?

And that’s just for starters!

Date: 3PM Saturday June 8th until whenever (in non-Workers’ Clock time)

Location: Stroud Cosmonaut School (upstairs from Crazy Daisy Florists)

Refreshments: No?

Admission: Free! (suggested donation – £999.99)

See you there!

NB: We urge prospective attendees who find anything objectionable in the above to review our Multitudinous Positionism policy BEFORE ‘calling us out’ on the twitter machine.


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22 Responses to Syria and Lebanon – An Intersectionality Analysis

  1. Club Ahmed says:

    Couldn’t decide if this was a spoof…til I saw the location. What self respecting Pasadist is going to hold a gathering in a cosmonaut school? As the great man said in his 1946 address to the Bolivian delegates convention at Legoland: “we wait for the aliens to make contact, any incursion into outer space represents an abuse of territorial privilege.”
    Also, I believe that upstairs bit it where crazy Daisy grows the skunk; judging by the undernourished Vietnamese faces I saw pressed to the window as I was finishing my kebab outside Primark.

  2. centrino105 says:

    Ok Stalin let us have our debate about Bilderberg shall we?

  3. spineynorman says:

    I heard they were all lizards in there. Is that true?

    • centrino105 says:

      That is called bait spineynorman and I am not your fish. Bilderberg is a yearly confab of the worlds most powerful criminal bosses where they plot and plan in secrecy the fate of the world. Arch criminals such as Henry Kissenger attend regularly. Kissenger by the way is a wanted war criminal who if he steps foot in certain european countries would be arrested on the spot and taken before the world court. Really though snearing uninformed trolls who know virtually zero about the subjects and people they attempt to ridicule will never “get it” what Bilderberg is all about. So if the shoe fits….

      • centrino105 says:

        Stalinslovechild on youtube challenged me to come here and debate him about Bilderberg so I showed up to do that and he is nowhere to be found. He would have lost badly at any rate because he knows basically zero about the subject yet is so arrogant he thinks his snide remarks are enough to win a real debate.

      • spineynorman says:

        Please don’t leave us centrino105, if you’ve got the flask of truth I wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee from that plastic cup you screw into the top of the flask. Or something.

  4. spineynorman says:

    You could always persuade us of your lizard-centric views centrino105. Stalin’s love child is probably quite busy with purges or something.

    • centrino105 says:


      I thought about responding to you with common sense and reasoned discussion but then I remembered back to all the smarmy trolls I have dealt with before and I have decided that people like yourself are not interested at all in legitimate discussion. Your kind thinks that ad hominem attack and straw man arguments are legitimate discussion and that somehow they make you look superior to the person you attempt to ridicule. Well you don’t look superior at all, what you look like is an ignorant pathetic excuse for a human being who is so insecure with himself that he has to insult others to make himself feel like a big man. Basically people like you are just school yard bullies that never grew up or matured and still use the same tired old tactics they did in grade school. I take heart in knowing that you will never achieve anything meaningful in life nor will you have any real loving and lasting relationships. Oh you may make money at something or another but you will always be a failure with relationships. Perhaps it is just the lizard part of you huh?

      • spineynorman says:

        Do you believe in Lizard overlords or not? You’re not being very clear. The comments about not making meaningful relationships, made as you sit alone in your mother’s basement furtively masturbating over the lingerie section of a Gratton’s catalogue – just like every other day – look like projection from where I’m sitting but I’m taking two of my step-kids to the cinema later so I’ll ask them if they agree.

  5. We are all a little bit Stalinslovechild(ren)

  6. Umberto Umberto says:

    Centrino105 surely you can see that given the public profile of the Bilderberg Group, what we need to be looking at is who is pushing them forward and centre; there are wheels within wheels and it is those now hidden gears that will grind us exceeding small.

    Umberto Umberto

    • centrino105 says:


      The Bilderbergers are the puppet masters. It is they who manipulate and control the “leaders” of the world. In their case the western world. Check out Daniel Estulin’s book on the Bilderbergers for an eye opening expose of what they are really up to. Good luck to you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Centrino105 I am genuinely surprised that you cannot see Estulin’s work for what it really is; you have been taken in by a staged performance while the real work goes on off stage. It’s good that you are looking for the truth.; just keep digging and doubting and the picture will become clearer as it did to Casaubon.

    Umberto Umberto

    • centrino105 says:

      Don’t just make accusations about Estulin, put the information on the table so I can make an informed decision about him. I am not going to abandon his work or him just because you drop an inuendo about him offering up a “staged performance”. If you have some information about him then put it on the table.

  8. Umberto says:

    Bilderberg is less than 60 years old; do you think that the conspiracy is that recently hatched? If not, then who stands behind it…who has always stood behind the reshaping of the world in their own interest? As I said dig deeper and doubt more resolutely; the pendulum will swing your way.

    Umberto Umberto

    • centrino105 says:

      So in other words Umberto you have no information about Estulin to put on the table and I am just supposed to take your word for it that he is putting on a “staged performance”? No thanks I don’t work that way, I don’t throw people under the bus because someone claims they are this or that or the other thing.

      I am curious if you have read Estulins book though because you seem to be suggesting that he claims the Bilderberg group are the first ones to have hatched a plan for world domination. He does not suggest that at all in his book. Perhaps you can provide something more than mere accusation about Estulin? If not I will be forced to dismiss your remarks as unsupported by evidence.

      You might consider actually reading his book before you start lecturing others about it though.

      I will drop back in later to see if you provide any substance about Estulin or not.

      • Umberto says:

        Centrino105 I thought much better of you; I thought you were smart enough to work it out. It’s not Estulin I’m taking issue with but rather your naive reliance on him. Don’t take his word. Let doubt be your guide and touchstone; only then will you be able to arrive at conclusions that are genuinely and reliably your own. The alternative is to find yourself suspended from Foucault’s pendulum.

        Umberto Umberto

      • centrino105 says:

        OK gang it has been fun here at the troll factory but I am moving on to better things. Have fun and don’t take any wooden nickels.

  9. spineynorman says:

    Is Alex Jones part of the conspiracy Umberto? You seem a lot better informed than centrino105, who just seems to be willing to take what ‘they’ allow to be published by establishment stooges like Estulin.

    I reckon that if ‘they’ didn’t want it published (and if it was the truth they wouldn’t) they’d make sure it wasn’t published. Any information that would expose them for what they are is censored – after all they’re all powerful and not stupid – so any information we can actually access is clearly part of the conspiracy and not to be trusted.

    We are all stalinslovechild(ren) as the administrator of this blog rightly points out. Stalin’s love child, as an internet persona, is a symbolic representation of the true revolutionary will of the masses. An injury to one is an injury to all, and since stalin’s love child is already all of us it’s like a double attack on us all.

    I think you will find, centrino105, that this logic is flawless and you have been roundly defeated by far more knowledgeable truth seekers than yourself. Time to retire from the argument and if you feel ashamed at being so comprehensively defeated that’s ok – because you should be ashamed. It is after all shameful.

    • centrino105 says:

      Logical fallacy Spiney. “They” are NOT all powerful and do not control ALL publishing houses. You really need to learn how to form a sound argument BEFORE you write anything else.

      Your claim of victory in a debate we have not even had yet is laughable.

      • spineynorman says:

        That’s not a logical fallacy, it’s me saying something you don’t agree with. The two are not the same. They managed to down the twin towers – a conspiracy that must have involved thousands of people at least – seems implausible that they’d have the power to do that but let someone expose the meetings at which they hatch these datsardly plans.

        Which publishing houses do they control, which ones don’t they control? What are the limits to their power and how do these limits operate?

  10. Umberto says:

    So it’s farewell Centrino105.

    Not so much a critical thinker and truth seeker; more one who lusts after an authority to bow the knee to, a regurgitator of other, better, brighter people’s slop…and an ill read one at that.

    Or perhaps they will prove me wrong and develop some moral courage and intellectual rigour. How about it Centrino are you up for such a radical departure from your current practice?

    Umberto Umberto

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