Victory To UKIP – Forward To A Europe Of Proletarianised Nations?

Sadly, reaction to UKIP’s stunning local elections success from the sectarian has-beens, shapeshifting liberals and would-be neo-Kautskyites of the so-called ‘left’ has been predictably shrill and over the top. Specific examples are too numerous to list here and besides it’s a beautiful Friday afternoon, but as ever, Proletarian Democracy takes a more nuanced and sober view of events. We seize this opportunity to remind comrades that proper communism is a marathon not a sprint and how our official position on UKIP was outlined 6 months ago in our Workers’ Girder article Who Are Proletarian Democracy?

If we could somehow combine Nigel Farage’s Europe of Nations (or as we call it an Association of Independent European Socialist States) or an irradiated moon of Jupiter with the spirit of People’s Korea, a fully-fledged Proletarian Democracy may emerge. Nigel Farage genuinely desires national liberation and nationwide independence – what better, more popular British protagonist of Juche is there? Galloway? We think not.

Whilst we disagree with Farage on the use of the bourgeois colour purple, we would like to see a constructive dialogue between the progressive minority within UKIP and PD. The nuclear ball valve is in their court, if they are serious about furthering their anti-EU goals.

Victory To UKIP!

Victory To Proletarian Democracy!

Down With The Pretend Labour Party!

And LibDem Wannabes The Greens As Well!

Victory To A Europe Of Proletarianised Nations!


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Proper Space Communism With Extreme Predge.
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