Proletarian Ding Dong Democracy Statement On Margaret Thatcher Death Panto

pd william harry thatcher

The Funeral Cortege Passes (L-R) Princes William And Harry, And Some Women


Phew! Needless to say, it’s been a busy, (but highly entertaining!) week for Proletarian Democracy, our external, semi-permanent, fully permanent, and internationally allied factions, and all other associated tendencies. The definitive analysis of the last week’s events will be available in the next footnote packed issue of our journal Worker’s Girder but until then we ask that the working class remain patient and make do with this short statement.

Victory to the brave and disciplined Proletarian Democracy cadres who have led the celebrations of *billy-no-mates reactionary totem and self-styled queen of scabs Margaret Thatcher’s long awaited death throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and The Occupied 6 Counties!

For all to see, your jubilant example was rapidly picked up by a multitude of working class voices and beamed around the globe via the stunned bourgeois media. Voices so long ignored, distorted or dismissed by reformist ‘leaders’, toytown revolutionaries and Billy Bragg were finally raised in damning union with our dear comrades.

Not even the deployment of a ragtag force of bored but baton-happy police and a panicked tory press sponsored militia of cowardly delinquents disguised as Millwall FC fans could dissuade thousands of revellers from keeping their sacred promise to attend Trafalgar Square on the Saturday after the big day.

Once again, Proletarian Democracy demonstrates that its claim to be the sole pole of attraction for the most advanced elements of the class is no idle boast; not only does Proletarian Democracy bring together in a fist the best fighters for the working class, it also hones the latest and sharpest instruments for the class war.

And we know how to party.

Apologies to anyone who found themselves being semi-surreptitiously photographed and answering unusual questions. In the interests of revolutionary discipline and internal security, we were forced to make a list of those suspected of failing to revel with sufficient gusto.

Finally, comrades barely need to be reminded to pause for a few moments of silent reflection in memory of the casualties sustained during that phase of the bourgeoisie’s dead eyed war on the class; the communities gutted, bodies broken and lives lost in the UK and abroad. Comrades certainly don’t need trite reminders from the pretend Labour Party’s recruiting sergeants about how “Thatcherism still lives”. That Glenda Jackson MP, who demanded that the army be used to quell rioters in 2011, and abstained on the Workfare vote a few weeks ago, can stand up in the House Of Commons and say how nasty yer woman was takes some amount of fucking chutzpah doesn‘t it? And don’t get us started on the commentariat and their sanctimonious simpering dickwittery about respecting “the family” and why it’s wrong to celebrate anyone’s death. The politically anemic gutless fucks. The whole fucking squillion poundsworth of “Falklands themed” funeral fiasco is going to be one big sordid gloat about killing Argentinian conscripts in the face isn’t it?


Anyways, la lucha continua and so on.


People’s Commission for the Bright Dawn of Proletarian Democracy (PCBDPD)

bomb voyage thatcher

*Apart from Augusto Pinochet of course ffs, whose death sparked celebrations that must have thoroughly appalled whoever the Chilean equivalent of Owen Jones was. Oh, and Savile.


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