Proletarian Democracy Internal Security Committee Communiqué re: Ex-Cmde Luke Akehurst – Also, Shakin’ Stevens

We denounce dilettante ex-comrade Luke ‘nukem’ Akehurst.

His unsanctioned, infantile and increasingly bizarre showboating on the twitter machine will have alerted the state apparatus to his status as a Proletarian Democracy sleeper agent.

He is hereby rendered useless in the struggle for world revolution.

His puerile individualism has seen him betray the future of humanity.

Now dead to the revolution we cast him out! But we do not mourn, we organise.

Speaking of which, we have a show, Prolederella, our proper communism pantomime, to sort out. Less than a week to go until the curtain goes up in Stroud Cosmonaut School and this is all we have.

Prolederella: This midnight transformation shows clearly the true nature of late capitalism beneath the apparent opulence and glamour!

Prince Discreet Charming of the Bourgeoisie: Oh no it doesn’t!

Prolederella: Oh yes it does. Be ready for a still greater midnight transformation, when the hands of the workers’ nuclear clock reach the fateful hour!

And still no sign of Shakin’ Stevens, our Fairtrade Chocolate Buttons.

Never trust an ex-CPGBer come pantomime season.

Proletarian Democracy Internal Security Committee/Pantomime Section


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Proper Space Communism With Extreme Predge.
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