Are We Not Grammar Nazis? No! We Are Grammar Marxist-Leninists [Posadist]

PD Marxs Shop


It is an incontrovertible fact that dialectical materialism is a scientific analysis of the objective conditions within which social forces contend for power and Proletarian Democracy has hardly ever shied away from this reality. So it is surely now necessary to turn away from the shiny & eye-catching but borderline irrelevant issues of socio-economics and the mewling party politics of the day in order to address an issue that comes as close as can be to a historical-objective issue for all English-speaking peoples.

I speak of course of the Greengrocer’s Apostrophe.

Nothing sums up the petit-bourgeois and hence utterly counter-revolutionary nature of the absent or misused apostrophe more judiciously than its appropriation by greengrocers, part of the hated subaltern shopkeeper class, desperately striving (in its economic expression) for full access to the privileged realm of the big monopoly capitalists while (in its political-ideal expression) it hankers endlessly for a faux romantic nostalgic vision of a lost golden age when the small businessman was the schutzabteilung of transformative capitalism, the contradiction between these two visions yielding a multitude of pathological consequences.

“Forward into the Past!” is their cry; a contemptible yowl which is both meaningless and all too useful to those darker forces who seek to exploit their confused and dichotomous weltanschauung.

Proletarian Democracy (the party of the intergalactic working class) has never wavered on this front. It proudly proclaims a correctly applied, scientific-materialist possessive apostrophe right at the masthead of its august organ, Workers’ Girder, and no one could be in any doubt of our stance here.

But what of some of those so-called (because self-described) “revolutionary parties” who claim to be following the path of Trotsky? The Socialist Workers Party? The Workers Revolutionary Party? By their wilful deletion of the appropriate possessive shall ye know them comrades. It is quite clear to those with eyes to see that these parties do NOT belong to the Workers and until we see that apostrophe, we will know them for what they are; grubby bourgeois deviationists who secretly long to don a cloak of stall-holders artificial grass, the badge of the greengrocer’s class.

Let no one ever doubt that the Girder belongs to the Workers! Long live the correctly applied possessive apostrophe! Death to the reactionary pseudo-grammar of the Trotskyist impersonators!

Now some naive Cmdes have raised objections to the effect that the greengrocer’s apostrophe refers to something that is there when it should not be (eg “banana’s”), rather than not there when it should be (eg Socialist Workers Party). But as Marx said, “all that is solid melts into air”, and once more his sage words have proved to be correct; the holy greengrocer’s apostrophe has been profaned by the so-called revolutionary Trotskyists and airbrushed out of their history as disgustingly as the worst of Stalin’s excesses.

So in the meantime we say “Socialist Workers Party”?


But Socialist Workers – PARTY!

Fraternal rgds from deepest Stroud

Cmde Barry Mainwaring


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2 Responses to Are We Not Grammar Nazis? No! We Are Grammar Marxist-Leninists [Posadist]

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sweetie pie, judging from the exclusively German items advertised, the above shop is either in Germany or pretends to be in Germany, which means that no apostrophe is required for the possessive form, even if an English word, such as ‘shop’ is used here instead of ‘Geschäft’ or ‘Laden’.

  2. Brigitte says:

    I agree with Anonymous, it is definately a German shop with German price labels, so the English possessive form is not required in German. Dear composer of this article, you put a lot of energy into writing it, but it was completely in vain! Sorry! Languages mix up globally, but this means that the range of vocabulary is affected by the British language, not the grammar.

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