The Booing Of The Miliband – A Revolution Clears Its Throat

Congratulations to the brave and disciplined Proletarian Democracy [Posadist] cadre who led the booing of pretend Labour Party leader Miliband at this Saturday’s TUC sponsored attack on British workers.

For all to see, your shining example was rapidly picked up by a multitude of working class voices and beamed around the globe via the stunned bourgeois media. Voices so long ignored, distorted or dismissed by both reformist leaders and toytown revolutionaries, were finally raised in damning union with our dear comrades.

Once again, Proletarian Democracy demonstrates that its claim to be the sole pole of attraction for the most advanced elements of the class is no idle boast; not only does Proletarian Democracy bring together in a fist the best fighters for the working class, it also hones the latest and sharpest instruments for the class war.

Let the boo become the call to arms, simultaneously drowning out the illusions of reform and bellowing the demand for a world turned upside down.

Parapoet Section, Culture Division, People’s Commission for the Bright Dawn of Proletarian Democracy (PCBDPD)


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Proper Space Communism With Extreme Predge.
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