Our response to Counterfire’s cafe – Posadas Fried Chicken


Bringing the Workers’ Meal Deal to the workers!

Announcing a new and exciting leap forward for the International Proletarian Milieu!

A social space to instigate the conquest of outer space!

Proletarian Democracy spurns the swamp of Latte Leninism, and Cappuccino froth ‘Communism’ and instead is proud to announce the imminent opening of the first of our flagship proletarian revolutionary takeaways!


Offering Comrades unrivalled access to the true proletariat through ‘serving the class’. Our new restaurants will be at the heart of the international working class communities!

“Do you want a revolutionary programme for the emancipation of the proletariat with that?”


About proletariandemocracy

Proper Space Communism With Extreme Predge.
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