Chile Coup 39th Anniversary – Frank Turner and Grant Shapps – Never Forgive, Never Forget


It’s been a busy week for the party of the international working class (Proletarian Democracy), but we note with guarded approval that one Frank Turner; PC Mark Kennedy lookalike, Eton pretend punk prince and fanny of “nu-beige” folk, has been outed by the Fabians of The Guardian as a disgusting species of INDIVIDUAL known as a ‘libertarian‘. Frank who? Many a worker has asked. Well a couple here in the Tayto factory did when the issue was raised. We had no idea either until he snagged the Olympics gig. It’s ok. We have listened to his works, sooooo you don’t have to.

Turner, who claims to be “very pro-capitalist” and “a big fan of Matt Ridley and Tim Worstall” on his blog is set to release his tasteless latest album, “The Friends Of Frank Turner Group” today. Why, comrades, are we not all gagging to hear this, on the 39th anniversary of the tragic day that reasonably proper socialism took a not unforeseen but still well sneaky shove in the back, and tumbled down the stairs of history?

I had to ask myself, well,
Is it really worth it?
Is any of this worth it?
Well the whole thing’s far from perfect,
But I’ve yet to figure out a better way to spend my time.

Francis eventually found a better way … gorging himself in the cocoon-like beer garden of the unearthly far right on a diet of Atlas Shrugged, geocities websites, nagging mater letters, UKIP pamphlets and Von Mises Institute leftovers, until he emerged a fully-fledged neo-Gremialista, the true form of his genocidal class’s spawn. Clearly his time at 30k a year Eton was not spent unwisely, sticking the pages of The Fountainhead together.

Readers, comrades. Today marks the occasion when a democratically elected socialist was ousted by a right-wing coup. Twenty years to get there and dead after three. The plain shortcomings of bourgeois parliamentarianism aside for a while, who can forget the withered claw of Thatcher, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the one in the Beast With Five Fingers film, hovering over Pinochet’s … coffin?

My guitar is not for the rich no, nothing like that. My song is of the ladder we’re building to the stars.

It is a sickening historical reverberation that at a time when all communists regardless of the incorrectness of their respective positions (we’re looking at you Proletarian Action) reflect upon the Chilean tragedy, more Hawker Hunters personified by Frank Turner and Grant Shapps, circle menacingly above the people. In the face of this modern-day equivalent of creatures who sell the oil of snakes and add arsenic to bread, the party of the international working class finds itself drawn to defend the actions of the capitalist outfit known as Google.

Surely we cannot be far from some kind of apocalypse, bomb-based or otherwise, when the one true voice of Leninist thinking has recourse to uphold the integrity of capitalism’s favourite search engine (scant though it may be)? We, of course, denounce in the most vitriolic terms Google’s capitulation to the butchers of Tiananmen Square in their attempts to impose a censored search engine on the population. But nonetheless, the stance they have taken on the Shapps issue is to be commended and holds a ray of hope that the transition to socialism may yet be conducted without the spillage of too much proletarian blood. At least not on our keyboards, tablets, iPads etc.

Let us then condemn the muddying of waters as personified by “Chuck Champion”. The working classes could never have seen such an epic champion of rapey tips since this Tory shyster exposed his vile agenda. Not content with flogging pick-up guides to yonder innocent Yanquis, he developed a so-called piece of “entrepreneurial” software which did little more than thieve the hard-coded toil of workers and petty-bourgeois internet businessmen, the so-called favoured labour caste, who unfortunately, according to Trotsky, we must aim to win over to socialism in the forthcoming revolutionary situation.

Quite soon, the cigar-sucking godfather of bearded-man socialism will pass on to the great Dacha in the sky. When he has gone, there will be many reformist and ultra-left pretenders who will resort to piss-weak Ecuadorian shenanigans in place of a proper democratic centralist framework. Castro made something of socialism that is not of a European mould. We shall not see his like again.

Our demands:

  • Defend Google Ads!
  • Defend Google! But down with the Great Firewall of China! State Capitalism is to be decried!
  • Down with the Shapps-Green-Champion juggernaut of spam and deception! Let us not forget that Shap is one letter removed from Sham! These people are running our country – honestly, they are!
  • Uphold the gains of Reasonably Proper Socialism! Let us never forget …Castro and Allende!

“We’re not just having fun, we’re saving lives” – Frank Turner

Photo by Nelson Keru Arancibia.


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