V is for Vilification – Proletarian Democracy Communique

A Proletarian Democracy Revolutionary Proletarian Justice Committee (Anti-Rapist Dog Unit) (PDRPJC(ARDU)) member patrolling Hans Crescent yesterday

Few comrades could have been unaware of the recent furore surrounding Julian Assange and his Wikileaks caper. The international proletariat have been eagerly awaiting a response from the party of the working class, Proletarian Democracy, on this important issue. Fear not!

Julian Assange, who signalled his rabid anti-working class agenda by confessing in a Forbes interview to being enamoured with “American libertarianism, market libertarianism”, is nothing more than a tawdry spiv who has cosied up to the Fabians of the Guardian and New York Times and the reformist Labourism which accords no RESPECT to the toiling masses.

By sheltering him, Correa and the Ecuadorian so-called ‘left’ confirm an unedifying anti-Bolivarian nature, thus completing their final degeneration and capitulation to the scampering dogs of imperialism. While an honourable proletarian lies rotting in a US military jail for revealing his information to the wrong man, Julian’s indiscretion with his sources mimics his indiscretion elsewhere.

Slinking into this sordid picture, adorned in the sweat-drenched leotard of reformist third-worldist lechery, comes George Galloway, placing Assange’s crimes in the category of “bad etiquette”. Big Brother? Or “our little secret?”

Does this mean that Proletarian Democracy supports his extradition to Sweden or the United States? Not at all! The working class has no country, and as Trotsky said, the revolution does not recognise national borders, whether those borders are those of Ecuador, the UK, the USA, or Sweden. It is before the international proletariat that he must be judged.

Based on a Proletarian Democracy poll, during which comrades went into the streets with a picture of Assange and asked the toilers for their opinion on whether they would let him look after their kids, the  results spoke for themselves: 90% said “wrong’un.”

Let Assange stay right where he is. Disregard the bourgeois concept of “diplomatic immunity” and let the working class storm the gates of the Ecuadorian embassy, with a cry of “No Slumbering!”  Scatter his deranged acolytes; them with their sweatshop produced V masks, a grotesque mockery of Guy Fawkes, whose sectarian Papist politics are all too well served by the intervention of a Galloway who hides too much behind his beard. Where now is the RESPECT for the international proletariat?

Assange and his basement-dwelling supporters have even claimed credit for the glorious victories of the working class in the Arab spring, in the ultimate substitutionist calumny. Why? Anyone would think that Assange had personally taken on Mubarak in single combat!

Only Proletarian Democracy can provide the protection which Julian Assange refused to bestow on his unfortunate victims. Assange will never be the prophylactic for the working classes, indeed he is always destined to slip. The working classes NEVER sleep, therefore Assange can never fuck them.

Unlike the Ecuadorian embassy, the doors of the Marxist-Leninist-Posadist vanguard will remain firmly locked to the violations of individualist libertarian juvenilia. We have slept too long – let us wake up to a proper socialist dawn!

You snooze, you lose!” – Anon


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