When swimming with sharks: Capital and its co-option for leftist aims

Recently there has been much consternation in the ranks over Proletarian Democracy’s sale of t-shirts – or there was, until they were expelled.

Are we selling out to the iron monster of Capitalism, the question is asked?

It is assumed that Proletarian Democracy’s involvement in various business interests makes it unfit to call itself a true Proletarian Party. Is this grim picture, painted by our detractors, accurate? Has the establishment of a t-shirt factory meant that Proletarian Democracy has abandoned the working class?

Not at all!

When Trotsky talked of taking over the commanding heights of the economy, what exactly did that mean? Plainly it meant through the workers’ revolution, but also it meant beating the bourgeoisie at their own grubby game – buying companies ourselves and turning them over to revolutionary causes while also making a fuckton of money (which will obviously only be used for the Workers’ Bomb Fighting Fund). By doing this we will make our post-revolutionary job easier. By turning capital to our advantage now, we are saving the working class a ton of work following the revolution. After all, we won’t have to be expropriated once the revolution has begun, will we?

We implore all comrades to consider buying shares in the London Stock Exchange and to pay close attention to business ventures, especially, but not limited to,those businesses which involve t-shirts or the production of nuclear weapons. It is only through the co-option of capital now that we can fight against capitalism in the future!

  • Take over the commanding heights of the economy – one t-shirt sale at a time!
  • No to ultra-leftist purism!
  • Yes to pragmatism!
  • For a Proletarian Democracy merger with BAE Systems – forward to the Workers’ Bomb!

About proletariandemocracy

Proper Space Communism With Extreme Predge.
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