Ken MacLeod, Rachel Khoo, Aprons & Betrayal

Proletarian Democracy recently approached a number of ‘showbusiness’ personalities in a spirit of comradeship and invited them to take part in our upcoming ‘Foundry Of Fighting Back’ summer festival, which happens to be the principal source of funds for our paper, Workers’ Girder.

However, due to a teeny weeny shambles somewhere along the line, we appear to have accidentally asked iridescent telly ‘food creative’ Rachel Khoo to chair discussions on Ridley Scott’s new film Prometheus (it’s rubbish btw) and Ray Bradbury, while distinguished Scotch science fiction scribbler Ken MacLeod was somehow expected to host the ‘Little Paris ’68 Kitchen’ tent.

Khoo hasn’t bothered to respond yet, but MacLeod, after initially accepting our invitation, suddenly changed his mind and launched an astonishing attack on us and, by extension, the entire international working class. We shall issue a response in due course but in the meantime we have reproduced his slanderous tirade in full here.

Thank you for making me waste 2.2 hours of decimal time.

I retract my over-enthusiastic response last night – when I saw the names of Posadas and Sankara bracketed together I honestly thought that at last the seeds of the theoretical and practical breakthrough I have long been waiting for had been sown. For too many years I’ve been disappointed by the antiquated appearance and style of Red Flag, and hoped against hope for a new format that would bring Posadism to the rising generation. The bold graphics and lively style of Proletarian Democracy promised to be a step forward.

Sadly this was not to be.

The new paper presents what can only be called a malicious caricature of the essence of Posadism, putting forward instead of the INEVITABILITY of the atomic war the grotesque notion of the DESIRABILITY of nuclear destruction. In this way the revolutionary optimism of the late Cde Posadas has been turned on its head into a reactionary Malthusian pessimism.

Furthermore the central question of our epoch, the Workers States and the Revolutionary States, in whose hands alone the Bomb has a progressive significance, has been totally ignored and even turned into its opposite by the ‘left’ communist, petit-bourgeois anarchist proposal that workers should build atomic bombs themselves with whatever resources they can scavenge. Posadas always counted firmly on the already existing progressive consciousness of proletarianised humanity and decried its chronic underestimation by the bureaucracies of the workers movement, but this has nothing in common with reckless spontaneism.

Most disquieting of all is the complete absence from the paper or the website of any mention of Cde Posadas’ best-known insight: that communist civilization already exists in the galaxy and that the UFO phenomenon may be evidence of this. Given the level of technology required for interstellar travel, it is inconceivable that it could be developed by a society still trapped in capitalist/imperialist competition or even by one mired in the transitional stage of only partially regenerated Workers States lacking perspective. His logic was impeccably dialectical and materialist and was consciously or unconsciously reproduced by progressive scientists and artists such as Carl Sagan and Gene Roddenberry. However, fear of ridicule from sceptics and pessimists has made many would-be revolutionaries flinch from boldy going forward to call on the great masses to lift up their heads and watch the skies. Such cowards truly put the ‘alien’ back in ‘alienation’!

For these reasons I must say with regret that I cannot support your paper, which can only aggravate the already deplorable fissile tendencies among the advanced elements.

Fraternal regards

Ken MacLeod


And it doesn’t stop there.

It pains us to disclose that comrade MacLeod has yet to return the limited edition Proletarian Democracy cooking apron (modelled here by a PD militant) which was meant for comrade Khoo but sent to him by mistake.

You people.

See comrades, what kind of nonsense and capricious shilly-shallying we have to put up with?


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4 Responses to Ken MacLeod, Rachel Khoo, Aprons & Betrayal

  1. John Hare says:

    I am pleased to see that the PD militant is using a metal spatchula, forged in steel in the white-hot heat of a proletarian workplace, and redolent of many proletarian values which I hold dear, not least its association with fried eggs and proper frying pans not some “non-stick” thing oozing with thinly-veiled class contempt. Yes to workers kitchen impedimentia! Down with other stuff!

  2. Ken MacLeod says:

    One small correction: in the last sentence, ‘advanced’ should be ‘unstable’. (Advanced elements, by definition, have no fissile tendencies, or at any rate not deplorable ones.)

  3. On the face of it, comrade MacLeod’s comment above is intended to be an over the shoulder insult but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt one last time shall we? We haven’t had much in the way of fancypants schoolin’ but ‘unstable’ suggests ‘unpredictability’, ‘dynamism’ and a certain lack of dogmatism; all crucial elements required by coolheaded favoured political castes if they expect to be able to adapt to rapidly shifting conditions on the nuke shattered battlefield.

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