Bonfire Of The Windsorities


During the last few days the Parasite Celebration has been penetrating the consciousness of the masses. But Proletarian Democracy will never submit to the iron heel within the soft sensible shoes of “Her Majesty”. No! The Jubilee has its derivation in jubilation, and only poor fools and lickspittle toadies blinded by “Her Majesty’s” bling could ever feel any real joy in their hearts. Those who have never known the chains will never truly understand emancipation.

The Jubilee is a grotesque distraction from our historical task of being tied down to serve the will of the workers. Proletarian Democracy will never stray from this position and any comrades that do so will be punished severely. We will never meekly submit to the lash of the Nagaika or any other white Russian monarchical tools. One day the aristocracy will bend over and obey our every command! We will subject them to a firm and solid Marxist criticism, which the enemies of the proletariat will learn to enjoy – or else!

Today the British royal family has little power, having surrendered during Oliver Cromwell’s reign when it was handcuffed to the bedposts of financial capital, replacing the autocratic but relatively painless domination of Feudalism. The chains of feudalism were by the nature of the system both loftier in height, forcing the serf to tiptoe lest manacles bite his hands. The soporific of faith allowed endurance to form from the notion that this was divined, ordained. The world turned. How much crueller than the caprice of capital when unleashed on the unsuspecting victims of the Industrial Revolution!

Who could fail to despise the exuberance with which monarchist propaganda is rammed down our throats, relentlessly and yea unto choking point the cheesy lies clog our every breath. Love your Queen. Obey your Queen. Grovel along the ground she has fucking trod! No! No and thrice No!

The constant batterings that have rained down since the end of feudal times on the power of that parasitic class provide a source of joy and fulfillment for every true Marxist and are proof – proof of the fact that revolution cannot be far away. No ruler can ever measure the disgust that Proletarian Democracy comrades keep in their hearts for the monarchy. There is thus no choice but to use it for its other purpose, and that is for maintaining our Party’s discipline and training us for the tasks ahead.

Forward, comrades! Let the false consciousness of the Jubilee be discarded like a worn-out sheath for the puny swords of the royalists! Let us thrust forward to the climax of all human history – a worldwide revolution!

Robespierre – “Liberty is a bitch whore who must be taken upon a bed of corpses”


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