New IWBA Initiative, Anti-Pacifist Action (ANTIPA) Launched

Anti Pacifist Action (ANTIPA)


Since thousands gathered for the pacifist demonstration on Saturday, it is clear that the strategy of public meetings and not marching so beloved of the Start The War Coalition is failing to deliver.

We cannot let pacifists march unopposed on our streets, spreading their vile message of peace and goodwill to all. Every time these events go unchallenged the pacifists gain confidence. If we do not take action, soon the IWBA will find fewer and fewer comrades building the workers’ bomb.

It is imperative that we support the IWBA in their mission to construct that which will free us from the shackles of capitalism.

It is also clear the the STWC and their mouthpiece, Atomic, have not grasped that unless pacifists are challenged directly, on the streets, in their workplaces, in their homes and communities, their invidious message will soon take hold, especially in these difficult economic times when the simple idea of saving some money from military budgets rather than cutting benefits and pay has resonance with the working class.

As long as pacifists are in our streets, we must oppose them.

Not by talking, but through action!

Not by sitting down, but by standing up!


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