Founding Statement of the International Workers’ Bomb Advocates (IWBA)

Over the last few years a group of us in Proletarian Democracy decided that the left has been utterly unfit for purpose. We decided that its time to slay the old shibboleths of the organised Cobweb Left such as the idea that capitalism is bad. Why is it bad, especially if I could get rich? The leftist project has alienated vast sections of the working class including bankers, doctors and stockbrokers.

Furthermore the liberal cobweb left has failed to spot the rise of a disturbing phenomenon which threatens the future of not only the working class but the Workers’ Bomb itself. Fuelled by a decades-long compensation culture, the Workers Bomb is now a distant dream because as soon as it is set off, liberal faint-hearts would immediately sue the people who set it off. In other words those who fear the whip and the lash but are all too happy to claim for whiplash. A new and distinct social formation has emerged, bent on mindless greedy parasitism. We call these people … lawyers.

The liberal left has utterly failed to address the culture of compensation. The legal threats bandied around to Proletarian Democracy’s members of late is simply the militant wing of the culture which permits people to sue for spilling coffee on themselves or for falling on the pavement. This was ignored and even welcomed by the sections of the New Leftist project, including many of our former comrades. Why not squeeze every penny from our capitalist overlords, the question was asked, never mind the catastrophic consequences that could result? But this naive and opportunist stance simply provoked the rise and rise of firms of solicitors bent on destroying the very fabric of working class communities which we will rely on to create the Workers’ Bomb.

No win no fee! is their cry. How different that is to the trans continental railway workers’ cry of No Pay No Lay and the glorious struggles of a once proud working class which has been deserted in favour of this new social formation so beloved of liberals, the New Left and Trotskyites everywhere! Is this what we have come to, comrades? The class’s historical mission, to build the workers’ bomb, has been abandoned to unearned remuneration. Working class action has been sacrificed on the altar of class actions of mere ambulance chasers. Meanwhile, blue collared workers, abandoned by the traditional left, have to toil carting around huge loads, and nobody gives a fuck!

We at Proletarian Democracy (external faction) say No to No Win No fee. We say, Win, Win, Win!

Any doubters of this cutting-edge class analysis need only look to the events of last august’s riots for a vindication of the external faction of Proletarian Democracy’s analysis. And if they don’t like this article they should put up or shut up. Thousands of looters took to the street in an orgy of consumeristic violence, showing little regard for life, limb and property.

Following these nouveau-lumpen, riding on their tailcoats, a new and even more disturbing phenomenon where people would deliberately run into lampposts and into windows, falling on banana skins and choking on stolen nuts, in an attempt to claw the money back from the civil court system which decades of neo-liberal leftism had made them think they deserved. Proof, if it could be needed, would be found in what several of these materialistic scum elements had to say on the matter.

“I can get injured as many times as I want, I can claim the money back on the insurance, its a laugh a minute!! ”
“Don’t quote me! Or I’ll get Carter Fuck on you innit blud”
“Come near me and I’ll sue you! Round ere we run tings da legalistic way!”

What have the other splits of Proletarian Democracy had to say about this, let alone the wider proletarian milieu??

Nothing, demonstrating the organisation’s total lack of relevance.

Such scenes could hardly be a better illustration of why we need the Workers’ Bomb but due to the expensive lawsuits emanating from the middle-class left should the Bomb ever come to fruition, such a day looms ever further away, and the Workers’ Bomb these failed leftists refer to could more accurately be called the middle-class people’s bomb. It is difficult to see what could fill the vacuum of Proletarian Democracy’s failure.

In other words, we’re doomed.



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