Attention All Deviationists, Wreckers, Internal/External Factions etc

A new spirit is in the air!

In the wake of the Arab Awakening we are now experiencing the full flush of the European Spring! The workers, tired of the false gods of bourgeois idealist compensation culture and neoliberal austerity, are flocking to the banners of the Proletarian Vanguard, and the only true proletarian party; Proletarian Democracy (Posadist).

Across Europe the economic and political turmoil is growing. Greece is now the critical testbed for the assault by the EU, ECB, IMF, the bosses and the bankers – and the fight for a workers’ bomb.

On the picket lines and demos in Britain last week there was real interest in the wider struggle, inspiration from the votes for anti-austerity candidates, and a hunger for deeper economic and political struggle here.

It is very important that branches, districts and fractions understand the importance of the Greek, European and British events. These will be central to our public meetings this month and form the background to our industrial policy and the National Committee this weekend.

In these exciting times it ill-behoves the one true Revolutionary organ of the Class to be diverted from its purpose by internal (and external) bickering.

True to Marx’s directive that the Proletarian party has no interests separate from the Class, and that there is no life outside of the Party, we reject the mistaken idea that the comrades in Oxfordshire have somehow left Proletarian Democracy and created an ‘external’ faction allied to the so-called ‘Independent Workers’ Bomb Association’. We remind the Oxfordshire comrades of the terms of their membership agreement, and especially paragraph 6, subsection 23:

“(a) Member of ProlDem. is expected to take, read and sell all (official) party publications, factional supplements, and weekend lifestyle magazines, pay regular party dues (to be agreed with their local branch financial advisor, after opening their books according to internal Transitional demands), give blood, or other bodily fluids (as demanded by the respective party organs), and undertake zero gravity training at the International Posadist Cosmonaut School in Stroud. Membership of the Party is considered for life (or longer, if accepted into the Cryogentics Research Programme Faction).”

We therefore welcome back into the fold our fraternal comrades of Proletarian Democracy (Ex-External Faction) and commend them on their fantastic work in practically involving the disaffected youth in the real struggle for a workers’ bomb, which clearly shows the correctness of the Splendid Comrade’s One True Path to Intergalactic Brotherhood and One Family, One Whale.


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