A reply to “Comrade” Barney from the IWBA

Comrade Barney’s denunciation of the IWBA is so much liberal claptrap from the sentimentalist hippies infecting the cobweb milieu as they and their “central committee” sip lattes in a cafe in Hoxton.

It is now fairly obvious (or should be) that Proletarian Democracy is a redundant initiative. During the few months of its existence it has utterly failed to bring the Workers’ Bomb to the world, like the alphabet soup of Posadist groups before it.

During our work in working class areas, we are frequently met with blank stares and derision if we so much as mention it – “Why aren’t Proletarian Democracy marching on Stop the War demos? Oh really? Fuck off!”

A fundamental revaluation of theories and methods is urgently needed or we will end up swimming in the parasitic swamp again!!

A Workers’ Bomb in Oxfordshire would be a fine thing, and before you deride our record need I remind you that we have:

  1. Hired a workshop which we are currently making radiation proof in preparation to help the troubled youths of the local area build a Workers’ Bomb of their own
  2. Created the first working Workers’ Clock at the back of the car park in Oxford town centre
  3. Distributed food, including Workers’ Meal Deals

An excellent start, as I’m sure you’ll agree, were you not part of the tired old Proletarian Democracy establishment!

What could be wrong with that? Could it be that the “official” Proletarian Democracy are threatened by the emergence of different power structures?

This represents a total abandonment of the original party line, that the more splits, the better, and a rigid adherence to their own dogma’s.

Not only are we presented as nihilistic wreckers who hate puppies, so beloved of the old left with its tired reliance on sentimental middle class cliches, we are said to “hate” Proletarian Democracy itself!

Not so!

We hate only the strictures and disdain for the workers so typical of Orthodox Posadism which Proletarian Democracy has so enthusiastically embraced. We have entered a new stage and some critical thought is needed, comrades.

Anyone who has any doubt of this and any lingering loyalty to Proletarian Democracy should read “Dealing with the Reactors”, the IWBA’s step by step user manual, dealing with fuel rods, warming and cooling processes and all the rest, combined with a cutting edge class analysis.

Has Proletarian Democracy ever produced such a masterpiece?

It is doubtful, because Proletarian Democracy does not seem to care about anything other than obscure intellectual masturbationism.


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Proper Space Communism With Extreme Predge.
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