For the right of majorities to self-determination

A Contribution from Ronald Dod, Frederick Jers and Chris Tacks:

In the course of the Russian revolutionary movement, comrade Lenin patiently explained to ordinary workers and peasants the need to support their brothers and sisters in the far-flung regions of the Russian Empire who were suffocated by the oppressive tsarist system.  Despite seeking a world socialist revolution comrade Lenin demonstrated the need for the separation of some groups from a larger nation-state to aid the process of revolution.

Unfortunately, some comrades in Proletarian Democracy have not been able to fully understand the application of Lenin’s ideas to the modern world and simply seek to repeat these ideas from the ‘hymn sheet’ so to speak.  Over the past few months renegades of the Provisional National-Communist Center (not to be confused with the Communist-National Center – Revolutionary) have argued for support for the separation of Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Grimsby from the rest of Britain.

Whilst every Marxist will naturally understand the capitalist nature of the present British state the PN-CC viewpoint un-scientific, un-dialectical, un-marxist perspective.  We also declare our disgust that a section of the leadership of the Special Extraordinary Commission for the Marxist-Leninist Study of the National, Regional and Fishing Town question has sided and promoted the degenerate views of the PN-CC.  The special issue of our theoretical journal – the Intergalactic Communist Review – on this issue resulted in only 4 sales, which is due to the petit-bourgeois nature of this organisation of vermin which infest the body of Proletarian Democracy who simply cannot engage with the working masses and throw away the resources.

The feeble minds of the PN-CC simply cannot grasp the positive side of the tremendous insight made by comrade Stalin, albeit that needs to be torn from the husk of his unsuccessful formula of Socialism in One Country. That is, whilst it is impossible to build a Socialist country encircled by capitalists on all sides – we can build socialism in opposition to capitalist forces elsewhere.  The nature of capitalism, as Marx taught, is to concentrate wealth. In Britain, this has led to the formation of the City of London where the majority of banks and the financial sector that dominates the economy of the British nation-state.  Clearly flowing from this must be the demand to separate the oppressed masses of the rest of the country from the parasites in the City of London.

This requires a subtle re-popularisation of Lenin’s ideas under the slogan “Out with the bourgeois city – support the right of majorities to self-determine”, whilst from Stalin we can take the slogan “For capitalism in one city”.  Of course – there are those reformist-Menshevik snakes who would argue to capitalism would seek to slither out of the city back into the rest of the country – spreading its economic poison into the workers veins. But to counter this we demand the construction of a workers wall, to beat back the forces of bourgeois restoration and prevent them and their ideas reaching the workers outside.

We demand:

Support the right of majorities to self-determination

Down with the venomous bankers and other bourgeois crooks!

Death to the scoundrels of the Menshevik Provisional National-Communist Center!

For capitalism in one city!

Build a Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist wall to enclose the vipers of capitalism!

Long Live the Tacks-Dod-Jers Tendency!

For capitalism in one city!


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