Proletarian Democracy (Provisional Fruitarian Faction) – Collective Statement 2 – Socialism or Barbieism


A choice is facing humanity. It is a straight forward one. On the one hand there is a potentially blissful future built on solidarity, equality and freedom, a future in which care, respect and innovation blossom. While on the other there is what we can already see all too clearly; the burgeoning apocalypse in which increasingly alienated and atomised individuals, turn their gaze inwards in increasingly desperate, destructive and futile attempts to find meaning and fulfilment through their lonely selves.


Faced with this reality, the PFF of PD calls for the formation of workers’ militias to suppress:

  • All cosmetic surgery (including so-called reconstructive surgery which simply reproduces bourgeois concepts of individualised beauty).
  • All psychotherapy (unless carried out in groups of at least 100 and in full view of the class).
  • All ‘fashion’ retailers; Dickies work wear to be made available through all large Co-op stores as a move towards expunging the desire for ‘fashion’ from the class.
  • All mirrors; this includes any reflective surface.

Remember comrades, the only mirror the working class needs is that of class conscious reflection.


About proletariandemocracy

Proper Space Communism With Extreme Predge.
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