Proletarian Democracy Backs Boris Johnson For London Mayor

Today, the workers of London go to the polling stations where they’ll be forced to dunk their heads in a stinking trough of mediocrity and privilege until they “choose” which repugnant bourgeois they “want” to oppress them. Most of the simpering Rachel Khoo ogling so-called “left” currently swimming in their parasitic swamp would prefer that workers vote for what is pathetically known as “Keningrad” on the grounds of lesser-evilism. This mocking of the great founder of Bolshevism would be mildly amusing were it not coming from the reformist milieu which has spat, sneered and tut-tutted at true Marxism over and over and over again. The fake social democrat Livingstone is not fit to put Lenin’s bins out!

However, if pottymouth Johnson is returned to office, four more years of the disgusting class enemy showing its true face are guaranteed. Four more years of working class social and economic bonds being assaulted and smashed up. Four more years of the bourgeoisie pushing even our most backward elements to the most extreme tipping point.

To which we say “okey dokey”.

In effect, voting for the restaurant wrecking yob hastens REVOLUTION and it is in this revolutionary sense, that Proletarian Democracy (the only party that has the capacity to absorb, direct and discipline where necessary this imminent wave of enormous power) calls on London to vote for Boris Johnson. Combined with Rupert Murdoch’s heroic efforts in dividing the British bourgeoisie, so articulately explained by Comrade MacNeice, a verminous tory victory will unquestionably herald the dawn of a new age in the proletarian movement and bring us a step closer to the reforging of the 20th International.

We say:

Victory to Boris Johnson!
Victory to Rupert Murdoch!
Victory to Proletarian Democracy!


About proletariandemocracy

Proper Space Communism With Extreme Predge.
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