Communiqué 4 – 72/08/70 (AM) – Purge The Degenerate Elements! – Forward With Proletarian Re-Education!

The ignorance displayed in the proposed slogan ‘Victory to Boris Johnson’ (pandering as it does to the illusion of choice being offered by the anti-democractic public school clique) and the petit bourgeois individualism all too apparent in the identification of the comrade who used to be known as Louis MacNeice, are not unsurprising given their degenerate source within the fetid bog of PD factionalism.

What they demand is a thoroughgoing and systematic self appraisal by all Proletarian Democrats and a subsequent similarly thoroughgoing and systematic re-education process. We need to beat ourselves upon the twin anvils of self criticism and enlightened knowledge if we are to be forged fit for the struggle to come.

To this end Bright Dawn is first to step forward and confess our past failure; that is our failure to consistently and effectively identify, denounce and purge from the ranks of PD, the actions, the thoughts and the individuals who have at every turn sought to dam the surging tide of the workers’ anger. Degenerates be warned, we will not fail again!

Death to anti-PD thoughts and actions!
Death to the agents of anti-PD thoughts and actions!
Victory to self criticism!
Victory to enlightened knowledge!
Victory to Proletarian Democracy!

People’s Commission for the Bright Dawn of Proletarian Democracy (PCBDPD)


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Proper Space Communism With Extreme Predge.
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