The layers of the working class are like layers of an onion.

The layers of the working class are like layers of an onion. If you (or rather, if the capitalist bourgeois, the working class has no truck with plant-eating traitors) peel away the onion too quickly it will make you cry. In the same way, when the parasitic reformist sects who are part of the left-wing of Capital try to peel away and chop up the support from the marxist vanguard, the largest truly communist party in Britain, it will make them cry! And probably cut their fingers.

And, as the outer (parasitical) layers of the Marxist vanguard are peeled away, we are left with only the most potent (in terms of making you cry) and solid core.

Opportunists claim that the number of splits endured by the true leaders of the proletariat are a sign of weakness. They are not; the vanguard, like the class itself, is forged in struggle. Those flinching cowards who desert the true vanguard are the outer skins; the couldn’t hack the heat so they were removed from the kitchen. In the vegetable recycling bin. What remains is the pure, true, ideologically omnipotent force for the emancipation of the proletariat.

This process has now reached its end point. The Party is now ready to lead the working class to victory.

The party has shed its parasitical skin, now it is time for the workers to shed the parasitical chains of capitalist exploitation!


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