Proletarian Democracy – Exchange Group

Proletarian Democracy – Exchange Group

Founding statement

It must be obvious to anyone observing the activity of Proletarian Democracy (PD) that we are currently riven with debilitating factionalism. One glance at the alphabet soup of would be vanguards provides evidence enough:

Official Proletarian Democracy: Committee for the Proletarianisation of Time(OPD:CPT)

Advanced Proletarian Democracy for The Workers’ Bomb (APD – WB)

People’s Commission for the Bright Dawn of Proletarian Democracy (PCBDPD)

Proletarian Democracy (Posadist) (PD(P))

Proletarian Democracy (Provisional Fruitarian Faction) (PDPFF)

It is in opposition to this factionalism that we declare the formation of the Exchange Group (EG).

We only exist to facilitate dialogue, clarification and reconciliation in the currently divided ranks of PD. We will only exist as long as such dialogue, clarification and reconciliation are need.

As such the Exchange Group must be understood not as another competing faction within PD, but rather as the means of moving beyond such factions and factionalism; in this it is objectively at the leading edge of the advanced workers massing under the banner of Proletarian Democracy.

The first act of the Exchange Group is to invite all genuine Proletarian Democrats to submit for discussion, their theses on the defining principles of Proletarian Democracy as the highest expression of the historic project of communism.

Proletarian Democracy – Exchange Group
(70/01/51 AC)


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2 Responses to Proletarian Democracy – Exchange Group

  1. jim jones says:

    To the vacilating Exchange Group – MMMK Path reject your slanderous characterisation. We are no faction but the international section of Proletarian Democracy in the global south. Do not attempt to inlude us in your dismal talking shop. If you do, be warned, you will be called to judgement before the peoples’ court of history…and you will be found gulity as charged.

    MMMK Path (Nauru)

    • The offer of a debate the MMMK summer school in Pyongyang with the aim towards setting up a People’s Steering Committee which can guide us in the path of is still open to the degenerate and reformist backsliders posing as revolutionaries, listed in your statement.

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