Plant Liberation!

The bourgeois, reformist, ultra-left, stalinist, “trotskyist” opportunist, parasitic “left” with its craven capitualtion to bourgeois morality, has utterly ignored our greatest allies in the struggle for working class liberation in its endless oppotunism and capitulation to the interests of bourgeois social democratic trades unions. This exemplified in the posts in this cess-pit of bourgeoise “humour” about cats and dogs, not to mention people, who mercilessly exploit the plant world.

Our party, the party which truly represents the proletarian milieu must rise up against the oppression of the plant kingdom and create a vanguard against Capital which will stop plants being exploited for their leaves, their fruits, and photosynthesis, and in so doing plant the seeds of a new society. No longer will the lumpen elements of the working class rely on carrots, potatoes and other plants for their nutrition as the current bourgeoisie force them to do.

We say:

  • No to plant exploitation and capitalist crop-growing!
  • No to favouring animal companions against plant companions!
  • Solidarity with the exploited and the oppressed. Against “weedkillers” and all other forms of plant genocide!
  • For a workers’ state which codifies into law the principles of the Atkins Diet, as a transitional stage to the abolition of all natural food!
  • Join Proletarian Democracy today!

About proletariandemocracy

Proper Space Communism With Extreme Predge.
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