For a workers’ clock!

Party decree on the decimalisation of time:

Unlike the parasitical, opportunist rabble that make up the so called intergalactic ‘left’ we , as the largest genuinely proletarian Party, appreciate that bourgeois control over the notation of time is yet another tool employed in the exploitation of the proletariat.

For too long now, radicals have ignored the significance of a clock and calendar with its roots in ancient superstition. Bourgeois time is based upon the movement of celestial bodies that have been worshipped by backward peoples.

Marxism is about Man’s control over nature, not nature’s, or God’s, or Capitalist control over the real productive forces in society.

The Julian calendar is an imperialist construct, taking the names of months from the Gods of ancient superstition and Roman Emperors.

We decree that the passing of time shall now be measures according to rational, socialist principles.

The 1000 day Marx shall replace the year!

The 100 day Lenin shall replace the month!

The 10 day Trotsky shall replace the week – the fortnight shall be abolished!

100 seconds to the minute, 100 minutes to the hour, for a 10 hour day!

He who controls the past controls the present. He who controls the present controls the future. He who controls time controls nature!

Time is a tool in the hands of the bourgeoisie, let us make it a weapon in the hands of the proletariat!

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